Frequently Asked Questions

Original Artwork

How often do you release new collections of original artwork?

I release new collections as the inspiration comes. Typically every few months. Watch my website and Social @heathergentilecollins for new releases!

Is your original artwork ready to hang?

Yes, hardware is on the back so your new art is ready to go. The gallery quality deep canvas looks best unframed in my personal opinion. If art is on paper and requires framing it will be listed as such. 

Do you offer prints of your original collections?

Some collections include prints but not typically. I believe original art holds a energy that is different from a print. Watch my website and Social @heathergentilecollins for new releases 

Custom Artwork

How do I order custom artwork from you?

Often clients love my work but have an original request. Feel free to reach out using the contact artist option or DM me on social media. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and working together. 

Will you create something other than what you have listed?

I am open to clients ideas and suggestions for commissioned works of art for their home or business   Schedule a call to discuss and we can go from there. 

How long does custom artwork take?

It varies based on the project but typically I like to complete the commission within 3 weeks of purchase. Rush deliveries are an option for a rush fee and expedited shipping. 


How do I order a mural?

Please see the murals page for details on how to order a mural.

What is the largest size of a mural?

I have painted buildings, indoor and out,  as well as viaducts, including 130 feet long and multiple stories tall. There is no maximum size!

How much do murals cost?

Murals start at $40 per square foot and the price will go up from there depending on complexity.

Do I need to paint before you paint your mural?

It depends. Let's discuss.

Can I wash it off?

I have created chalk murals for clients over the years on brick walls which does wash off. Otherwise, my painted murals are intended to be weather resistant and can be washed down without damage.

How long does a mural last?

It lasts just as long as any paint; some murals that I have painted are now decades old.


Do you offer prints of all of your work?

Not all of my work, but I am sometimes able to offer prints of past works if you send me a note.

Are your prints framed?

Prints are framed if noted, otherwise they are unframed.


Do you offer international shipping?

Please contact me for details regarding shipping outside of the US.

What shipping service do you use?

It depends on the size of your artwork; please see your tracking information for details.

Do you offer local pickup?

Yes, I offer local pick up and delivery for custom art and prints within Chicago. I also offer shipping for orders within the US.