Murals to Inspire Joy

Heather can create both temporary and permanent installations for public, commercial, or residential use.

Murals increase magnetism to a location, boost business and social media tagging for business locations, decrease costs of repainting and vandalism, and have even caused up to 50% bumps in some annual business revenues.


Commissioning A Mural

1. Contact me with as much information as you have: the goal of the mural, the size and surface that would be painted, and any ideas you have. I'm always open to ideating with you or hearing your ideas for the space.

2. We will schedule a phone consultation to follow up on your request and fill in any details.

3. I will provide images for review and a pricing quote to include design, labor, supplies, and painting.

4. With approval, we will schedule and paint your mural.



How do I order a mural?

Contact me to get started!

What is the largest size of a mural?

I have painted buildings, indoor and out,  as well as viaducts, including 130 feet long and multiple stories tall. There is no maximum size!

How much do murals cost?

Murals start at $40 per square foot and the price will go up from there depending on complexity.

Do I need to paint before you paint your mural?

It depends. Let's discuss.

Can I wash it off?

I have created chalk murals for clients over the years on brick walls which does wash off. Otherwise, my painted murals are intended to be weather resistant and can be washed down without damage.

How long does a mural last?

It lasts just as long as any paint; some murals that I have painted are now decades old.

Let's chat! Contact me to discuss your mural idea.